Overall Rating: 76.1%

Product Claims:

Purity Products Is a good product with a good informative website. While they include good marine based sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, they also include added fillers. We placed this product in the #3 Top Product spot because while they included both EPA and DHA, the dosages are lower than the number one product.

#3 Product – Purity Products Ultra Pure Omega 3This product contains both EPA and DHA which are important essential fatty acids to help with brain cell formation, heart health, building healthy cells and improving memory. Our number one product contains 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA, while Purity Products Advanced Omega 3 contains 650mg EPA and 500mg DHA. This is lower than our number one product.

Purity Products Advanced Omega 3 is certified by the NSF which is an outside auditor that makes sure a facility meets GMP standards. We could not find a seal on the website that shows this company is GMP Certified. While their products may be quality products and Pure, the number one product shows a certification seal with the GMP.


Purity Products Advanced Omega 3 retails for $36.65 a bottle. The serving size is 2 soft gels daily and the bottle contains 30 soft gels. Because the dosage for each serving is lower than the number one product, you may need more servings to get the same results as the number one pick.

This product does come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is always a plus with our editors and shows that a company stands behind their product. We check in on the customer reviews and while they did receive some positive reviews, there were also reviews that the dosage was way less than the consumers physician ordered them to take for their health condition and that the product didn’t seem effective.

Our Conclusion:

Purity Products Advanced Omega 3 is a good product with a reasonable price and a money-back guarantee. This product fell to our #3 Spot because of the low amounts of EPA and DHA. The only certification they have for purity and quality is NSF and the product is made out of the country. Just a little bit higher dosage and we could probably move the product up the list.