Ocean Blue Omega-3 has been clinically proven to maintain healthy triglyceride levels. IngrOmega-3 is an EFA (essential fatty acids) that provides numerous health benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed in our daily diets for our bodies to work normally. DHA, EPA and ALA (docosahexanoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and alpha-linolenic acid) are not made in the body so we need to get them from the foods we eat.

EPA and DHA are found in certain fish and plants, with  the purest forms coming from the oil of fish that feed on algae.


No dosage information has been provided in the product source.

Ocean Blue Pure Omega-3 Ingredients

Ingredients include Omega 3 fish oil. No other ingredient information has been provided by the product source.


$10.49 for a 30 softgel container with free shipping. This product is also available in 60 and 120 softgel containers.

Ocean Blue Pure Omega-3 Guarantee

No information is provided in the product source about product guarantees or returns. The product source does contain a built in tool to send emails containing questions to the vendor. The product source also contains a customer service contact number although it is not clear if this is for individual customers or for local product dealers only (the product is available on line of through a network of local dealers).


The product source did not contain enough information to make a recommendation about this product. A prospective purchaser should contact the vendor for additional information at least about product guarantees and returns as well as product dosage to make an informed decision to purchase this product.

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