Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s is an all natural herbal supplement by Pure One designed to provide the mental, emotional and physical well being of other Omega-3 supplements in a way that is friendly to diabetics.

Pure One’s Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s is indicated to lower the fats in the bloodstream as well. We decided to research Pure One’s Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s, and our findings are below.

Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s by Pure One Formula

Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3’s contain unknown amounts of the following all natural ingredients:

  • DHA – According to WebMD, DHA is not known to be effective at lowering blood sugar in those with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • EPA – EPA, according to WebMd, is not known to be effective for treating symptoms of Diabetes.
  • Omega Fatty Acids – Omega Fatty Acids are known to improve mental, physical and emotional well being


When we research a supplement, we put a lot of effort into finding all of the proper documentation. However, we were unable to find any documentation regarding the recommended dosages for Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s.


Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s has not published any pricing information, meaning that the only way to know how much the supplement costs is to look on your credit card statement.

Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s by Pure One Guarantee

Throughout our research on Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3s, we were unable to find any kind of a guarantee, whether stated or implied. With such lack of published documentation, trusting Diabetic-Friendly Omega-3’s is not easy.

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