New Chapter’s Fish Oil supplement offers a whole-­‐food approach to fish oil supplements.

It’s a naturally pure 100% wild-­‐caught Alaskan salmon oil that delivers the whole, natural omegas, antioxidants and vitamin D3 found in wild Alaskan salmon.




The product source did not contain a detailed  list of product ingredients other than the product contains 100% salmon oil.

Fish Oil Supplements That Are Wildy Pure Dosage

The product source contains no product dosage information.


The product is sold through a dealer network and the product source contains an on line tool to use to locate a local dealer.

Fish Oil Supplements That Are Wildy Pure Guarantee

The product source contains no information about product warranties or returns. The product source does contain a message feature that customers can use to send questions to the vendor. The product source also contains a vendor contact number.


The product source does not provide enough information about the product to report many findings or to arrive at a product recommendation. Anyone interested in purchasing this product should locate a dealer in their area for additional information or to ask questions or should contact the vendor directly.

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