Fish oil has great properties for human health, which is why many people prefer taking supplements as otherwise, trying to obtain the same amount of healthy fatty acids from food can be very difficult. However, when you are shopping for such supplements, it is very important to purchase products that are purified of any pollutants since fish is known to be affected by mercury and lead.

Dr. Murray’s Rx Omega-3 Factors claims to be a supplement obtained from pharmaceutical grade marine lipid concentrate, to make sure that your health is well cared for. Here is the information we gathered on this specific fish oil supplement.

What Does Dr. Murray’s Rx Omega-3 Factors Contain?

The ingredients in any fish oil supplement are important, and, in this case, we were interested in finding out how much EPA and DHA are included. Here are the facts:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Concentrate – 1170 mg
  • EPA – 400 mg
  • DHA – 200 mg

As it is easy to notice from this formula, there are other omega 3 fatty acids included, besides the necessary EPA and DHA. While this may be a reliable product, we cannot help but see that the amounts of EPA and DHA are well under the recommended daily dosage of 800 mg, and 600 mg, respectively.


According to the manufacturer’s website, you should take one softgel, one to three times daily.


The listing price for a bottle with 240 softgels is 49.95USD.

Dr. Murray’s Rx Omega-3 Factors Guarantee

The manufacturer offers 30 days money back guarantee, but only for products that have not been opened.


Dr. Murray’s Rx Omega-3 Factors could be a good ally to protect your heart’s health, because it is obtained from purified fish oil, and it does have some amounts of EPA and DHA. Nonetheless, the amounts present in this specific supplement are much smaller than recommended, so you may have to take more pills daily, just to meet the requirements.

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