Trusted Nutrients Omega-3 is a fish oil supplement that offers great benefits for your health when taken regularly. There are even clinical studies showing how taking fish oil every day can help you enjoy optimal health, even as you age.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are responsible for maintaining a healthy heart, healthy bones and joints, and for boosting your mood. Trusted Nutrients Omega-3 includes both EPA and DHA, the two most important fatty acids found in fish oil. Since getting enough of them in your daily diet from eating fish is close to impossible, taking a supplement like this one can be a great choice.

What Does Trusted Nutrients Omega-3 Contain?

Analyzing what ingredients can be found in a natural health supplement is highly advised, since they can make a product more efficient and powerful. This is what ingredients can be found in Trusted Nutrients Omega-3:

  • Fish Oil – 1800 mg
  • EPA – 660 mg
  • DHA – 360 mg

As you can easily notice, EPA and DHA make for a certain percentage of the fish oil used for these capsules. The amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are fine, but still under what is the daily recommended dosage, so you may find products that are much more efficient than this one on the market.


The recommended dosage for adults is three capsules daily, taken with the important meals of the day. If you want increased results, you can double the dosage.


A bottle containing 180 mini softgels costs 32USD, and it could last for three months, if you take three of them daily.

Trusted Nutrients Omega-3 Guarantee

The guarantee policy states that you must return the product unused within 100 days from the delivery date. However, this means that you cannot return unused portions if you are unhappy with the results.


Trusted Nutrients Omega-3 enjoys some great positive reviews, but it has its fair share of flaws. It has too little EPA and DHA in a daily serving, and you need to double the dosage if you want to enjoy all the benefits. Nonetheless, that means that you will have to take one handful of pills to compensate.

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