O3 by Pure Pharma comes in a professionally looking package, and it is created by a company that makes other natural health supplements.  The fish oil used for making this particular product comes from full body anchovies and sardines, and sustainable fishing methods are used for collecting the resources necessary for obtaining O3 by Pure Pharma.

The product was carefully tested for purity and quality, and, overall, it looks like this fish oil supplement can be a great solution for getting all the omega 3 health benefits in your daily diet.

What Does O3 By Pure Pharma Contain?

If you want to enjoy the best benefits from omega 3 fish oil, you need to have enough EPA and DHA in its composition. These are the most important, so check the label to see how much you can get with each serving. Here is the info written on the label of O3 by Pure Pharma:

  • EPA – 1250 mg
  • DHA – 500 mg
  • Other omega 3 fatty acids – 250 mg

We are glad to see a product that features so high amounts of EPA and DHA. While the needs for EPA are met, the requirement for DHA does not fit the mark, as the ideal daily dosage is 600 mg. Nonetheless, this is one of the best products on the market, at least, from what the figures are telling us, so you may get a lot of benefits using this supplement every day.


To get the great health benefits of omega 3, three pills daily are recommended.


120 capsules of O3 by Pure Pharma cost 37USD, which is convenient, seeing that you get more than one month supply with one purchase.

O3 By Pure Pharma Guarantee

We could not find any guarantee policy offered on the manufacturer’s website, but you may contact them if you are experiencing any problems with your order.


O3 by Pure Pharma is generous in its amounts of EPA and DHA per daily serving. With so many fish oil supplements on the market, you can easily get one that is not truly effective, but such risks are reduced with this particular product.

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