OVEGHA a offers pure unadulterated, non-GMO, natural fermented DHA rich microalgea oil that is free of ocean borne contaminants and is 100% natural and 100% vegetarian.




Unived OVEGHA Ingredients

  • Algal Vegetable Oil – 500 mg,
  • Docosahexaeoenoic Acid(DHA) – 200 mg.


2 capsules daily for adults.


$25.60 in U.S. dollars for a 60 capsule container (a one month supply). The product can be purchased on line but is produced by a company based in India. The product source does not indicate if this product can be shipped to or purchased in the U.S.

Unived OVEGHA Guarantee

The vendor has a limited product return policy that requires a purchaser to notify the vendor of a desired return within as little as 24 hours of product receipt. The vendor also provides a customer service number in the product source.


The product source does not specify whether or not this product is shipped to or sold in the U.S. Even if it is a purchaser if not satisfied with a product needs to return the product within a very limited time period. Any purchaser trying to contact customer service will need to make an overseas call (to India) despite any time difference between the vendor’s and the customer’s locations. Rather than dealing with this a U.S. customer might do as well to find a comparable product made and available in the U.S.

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