Pure Oil Innov Omega Opti-Strength by BioConcepts is a fish oil supplement that is addressed to health care practitioners and not to the general public.

Purchasing them directly is not possible, unless you are a practitioner and you intend to use this specific product in your therapy.

Even so, we felt obliged to see what the product truly contains, to understand whether it is a good choice for users or not. Here is our review on the product.

What Does Pure Oil Innov Omega Opti-Strength Contain?

It is essential to know what your health supplements are made of, even if they are recommended by a practitioner. Here is the information available on Pure Oil Innov Omega Opti-Strength by BioConcepts:

  • Fish Oil – 1000 mg
  • EPA – 360 mg
  • DHA – 240 mg
  • Other omega 3 fatty acids – 400 mg

We see that this fish oil supplements does not have a lot of EPA and DHA in its composition, compared to how much of each you need in your daily diet for optimal health. We also see that there are other omega 3 fatty acids, which may be a good thing, since the human body has complex needs.


No clear information is given on how this product should be taken, and, since it is addressed only to practitioners, you will need to find one to give you specific guidelines. Caution is advised for those taking blood thinning medication.


The listing price for a bottle with 100 capsules is 41.80AUD.

Pure Oil Innov Omega Opti-Strength Guarantee

You can return the product if you find it faulty within 5 days of delivery.

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