Daily Omega, from Norwegian Gold Advanced Fish Oils is an all natural supplement providing the body with much needed Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

These essential fatty acids, also known as EFAs, are required by the body. The body is unable to produce these essential fatty acids, so we must make sure that we provide enough of them through our diet.

The average diet lacks sufficient Omega-3 essential fatty acids, and has too many Omega-6 and Omega-9 EFAs.

Daily Omega Norwegian Gold Formula

Daily Omega contains unknown amounts of the following ingredients:

  • Omega 3- Omega 3 has been shown in studies to have the ability to prevent miscarriage, treat Bipolar Disorder and help relieve symptoms of ADHD and Depression.
  • Omega 6 – Omega 6 has been shown to be able to  improve mental development.
  • Omega 7 – The ingredient Omega 7 has the ability to help with weight management and the growth of skin, hair and nails.
  • Omega 9- The ingredient Omega 9 is able to help with constipation and high blood pressure according to the studies done on it.


The recommended dosage of Daily Omega is 1 soft-gel each day. Each dose of Daily Omega should be taken with a full glass of water and something to eat.


Each bottle of Daily Omega is normally $19.99. However, Daily Omega is now only $17.99. Each bottle of Daily Omega should contain at least 60 softgels.

Daily Omega Norwegian Gold Guarantee

In the research we have done on Daily Omega, we have found that Daily Omega comes with no guarantee. This means that if you want to return Daily Omega, because you are not satisfied with it, you can not return it for a full refund.


While Daily Omega is not a bad supplement, their is no guarantee provided and the Omega-6 and Omega-9 inclusions aren’t what the average body needs.

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