Vitacost Ultra Pure Omega-3 is an omega rich supplement that helps the mind and body at in gaining the rightful nourishment that it needs.

The omega-3 in this product comes from purifies oil of the fish which is a source of 800 mg of essential fatty acids in every serving; which is one capsule.

The whole supplement claims to give the whole package of essential components which can only be obtained otherwise with a strict diet.

What Does Vitacost Ultra Pure Omega-3 Claim To Do?

The product claims to be a source of essential fatty acids which is good for the body as well as the mind. It also claims to be an easy to swallow supplement in which you can harness the omega-3 acids in just a very quick pace. Because of the omega-3 that you can get in the supplement, DHA and EPA is also being increased as you take it in thus optimizing your physical functions as well as the brain activity.


  • 800mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This ingredient is responsible for the giving off the essential fatty acids.
  • 500mg EPA. This ingredient is for cardio protection.
  • 250mg DHA. This ingredient is for brain activity enhancement.
  • Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, Vitamin E, Lemon. These ingredients are supporting components for the main ones.


The supplement must be taken once a day before and or after every meal. This amount is suitable for children above 12 years old and adults.

Possible Side Effects

There are no claims for possible side effects although there are a lot of prohibitions given to a number of people. Pregnant and lactating women in addition to people with hypoglycemia, diabetes are not allowed to drink this supplement. Moreover, people with other underlying conditions are also advised to seek help from a consult.

Will Vitacost Ultra Pure Omega-3 Produce Long Term Results?

Given that the person follows a strict regime with the regular intake and the diet, then the product guarantees a long term approach.


The product costs $20 which is quite expensive compared to other products.


There is no money back guarantee because the manufacturers are satisfied and confident with the product.


Although Vitacost Pure Omega-3 is a good product considering its components, it still has major downsides in comparison to omega-3 premium. Its EPA and DHA is very low and it is not FDA approved plus it does not have any money back guarantee.

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