Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Fish Oil is a fish oil supplement containing EPA and DHA, the most important fatty acids for maintaining in good health. These fatty acids are essential for the good functioning of your heart, brain and joints. The benefits that can be contained from consuming fish oil regularly are proven by clinical studies, and they are easy to get with the help of supplements. Many people do not like fish oil because the nasty smell and taste, so it is preferable to stick to supplements that do not have such problems. Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Fish Oil seems to be a good choice, which is why we are including it here for review.

What Does Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Contain?

It is essential to know exactly what you get from your natural supplements. This is what you will get from each serving of Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Fish Oil:

  • EPA – 400 mg
  • DHA – 200 mg

It is a great thing that this particular fish oil supplement contains EPA and DHA, but you would need to take more capsules to get to the recommended daily dosage of 800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA. This can be inconvenient, especially since overdosing is strongly advised against.


The recommended dosage is one or two pills daily, before a meal, or as recommended by your doctor.


A 60 capsule bottle of Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Fish Oil costs 34.99USD, which is in the same price range with many similar products.

Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Guarantee

If you experience any issue with the product, you may contact the company, but, since the supplement is not sold by them directly, you will not be able to ask for a refund. For returns, you will have to consult each reseller’s policy.


Paradise Herbs & Essentials Omega-Sure Fish Oil could be a reliable product, but it has too low amounts of EPA and DHA in its composition. While it is a good thing that the gelatin free capsule makes this product a good choice for vegetarians, we would have liked to see higher quantities of EPA and DHA in its formula.

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