The quality of the ingredients used is always important for natural health supplements. Barleans Fish Oil is a product manufactured in an FDA approved facility, according to the highest standards for purity, as it is stated by the company making the supplement on their official website. Unlike other supplements that come in liquid capsule form, this one is delivered as liquid only. There is no mentioning of whether the product has fishy taste or not, so, if you really have an issue with this aspect, you may want to search for capsules you can swallow without having to deal with any unpleasant taste. Here is more information on Barleans Fish Oil you may want to know.

What Does Barleans Fish Oil Contain?

Any fish oil concentrate should have a decent amount of EPA and DHA, two omega 3 fatty acids that are hard to obtain even through a healthy diet. This is what Barleans Fish Oil contains:

  • EPA – 815 mg
  • DHA – 543 mg
  • Other Omega 3 Fatty Acids – 226 mg

We are glad to see a product that gets very close to the recommended daily intake for the two major omega 3 fatty acids everyone is talking about. The above figures are per serving, so it is easy to get enough EPA and DHA in your daily diet, without too much effort, which is a good thing.


The recommended dosage for Barleans Fish Oil is one teaspoon daily, containing the amounts listed above.


An 8 oz bottle is priced at 24.99USD, and it offers about 47 servings.

Barleans Fish Oil Guarantee

We could not identify a money back guarantee policy on the official website, so you may need to use their contact details to address any issues you may encounter while using their product.


Barleans Fish Oil is one of the best products on the market in terms of the amounts of EPA and DHA present in the formula. Usually, most supplements miss the mark by far, while the only thing that Barleans Fish Oil lacks is a bit more DHA to make the 600 mg recommended intake. Since it is delivered in liquid form, it may have a not so pleasant taste, since this aspect is not mentioned by the manufacturer.

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