Flax Omega 3 – Nutritional supplement  containing unsaturated fatty acids made from linseed oil.


Ingredients include Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids in optimal proportions. In addition the supplement also includes vitamin E with strong antioxidant effects protecting the UFA from oxidation.

A detailed ingredient list includes:

Avita International Flax Omega-3 Dosage

1 capsule a day after a main meal.


$22.43 in U.S. dollars for a 90 capsule container (a 90 day supply). The product can be ordered directly from the vendor on line or from an individual dealer (the vendor based in Europe maintains a dealer network). if ordering directly from the vendor the vendor requires that initially a purchaser buy what the vendor calls a start up package beginning at $49.14.

Avita International Flax Omega-3 Guarantee

The vendor offers a 30 day from date of purchase return policy that offers store credit rather than a cash refund initially. The store credit however can be converted to a cash payment if the customer decides to close their account. The product source also includes a vendor contact number.


 This product is not particularly expensive by itself but the vendor requires an initial purchaser to buy what the vendor refers to as a start up package which costs more.  Also the vendor is located in the Slovak Republic (as mentioned the vendor does provide a contact phone number on its web site). A prospective U.S. purchaser interested in purchasing this product may want to check to see if the product is sold in the U. S by a local dealer before placing an order.  Also a purchaser who tries to return the product could incur large shipping charges to send the product back to the vendor.

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