New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 is a product that enjoys some positive reviews from users, which is why it is worth taking a closer look at it. Obtained from fish oil, this supplement is recommended for people who want to balance their diet with a healthy intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

The main problem faced by those who want to eat healthy is that eating fish has its downsides, like getting poisoned with mercury or lead. Fish oil supplements, like New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 are tested for purity, so such problems are much reduced, if not eliminated completely. Let’s see how this product fares in terms of effectiveness.

What Does New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 Contain?

This is what you will find in each capsule of New Horizon Supplements Omega-3:

  • Fish Oil – 1360 mg
  • EPA – 625 mg
  • DHA – 244 mg
  • Other omega 3 fatty acids – 81 mg

It is important to know the exact values for EPA and DHA in the fish oil supplement of your choice. We notice that the amounts contained in this particular product, are under the recommended daily dosage, but, seeing that they are comprised in just one pill, there is the benefit of convenience that must be considered.


The recommended dosage is just one capsule daily.


The listing price for a bottle with 60 capsules is 44.99USD, which is about the same with many other products in the same niche.

New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 Guarantee

New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 is sold only through third parties, so the manufacturer does not offer a direct money back guarantee policy.


New Horizon Supplements Omega-3 contains both EPA and DHA, two essential fatty acids that should not be amiss from your diet. We notice, nonetheless, that the supplement does not meet the daily requirement for these omega 3 fatty acids, so you may need to take a higher dosage to compensate, something that is never recommended, even for the safest natural health supplements.

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