How Omega 3 Helps Your Brain

Healthy brain cells depend on DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). This converted form of Omega 3 fatty acid is necessary for good memory, clear thinking and emotional health. Your brain needs Omega 3 to function properly, and if you don’t get enough in your diet, you may need supplementation. This is because Omega 3 fatty acids come from our diet alone.

Your Brain Needs Omega 3The brain cells are made up of nearly 15 to 20 percent Omega 3/DHA. This important nutrient soaks into the very nerve fibers in every brain cell. It feeds the tiny neurons that actually cause the brain cells to fire and communicate with the rest of the body. First and foremost, this action regulates things like; moods, memory, cognition, and learning. This is why Omega 3 is so important from infancy through adulthood and beyond.

Omega 3 fatty acid is found in foods like: salmon, free-range chicken eggs, flax, sardines, walnuts, and soy products. Our diet is seriously lacking in many of these foods today, but your brain depends on it. The Mediterranean and Japanese diets contain higher amounts. Here in America, we eat mostly Omega 6 foods.

We need to try to enrich out diet with more Omega 3 foods. Even foods with Omega 3 added are better than no Omega 3. The best diet is one high in seafood, flax oils and seeds, and DHA fortified foods. We need to be adding these foods to our diet at least two to three times weekly to rebuild our stores of Omega 3.

Monaco And Japan Have Less Evidence Of Alzheimer’s

Your Brain Needs Omega 3According to World Life, Monaco in the Mediterranean has an Alzheimer’s and Dementia rate of 0.0. The Japanese have a rate of about 2.5. In the United States, the rate is an extremely high 24.8.

So, why is this you ask? It may possibly be that our diets are significantly lower in Omega 3 fatty acids, while the diets in these countries are mostly foods that contain higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. They eat diets higher in fish, and fish oil is one of the highest sources of Omega 3 fatty acid.

These statistics are alarming and something needs to change. The United States has a higher incidence of brain dysfunction, emotional disorders, and poor cardiovascular health compared to these countries and the solution is very obvious. We cannot ignore this any longer.

Omega 3 and the Growth of Healthy Brain Cells

Studies show that people who have had a traumatic brain injury actually show some signs of recovery after being given Omega 3. Since Omega 3 is a building block of the brain cells, there may be a chance that Omega 3 fatty acids can help the brain grow healthy new cells later in life. It is quite possible that taking Omega 3 can help your body repair damaged brain cells. While this has not been proven yet, scientists are hard at work in studies, and are finding some pretty positive evidence on Omega 3 use and the brain.

Your Brain Needs Omega 3Omega 3 and Infants

Some studies show that mothers who use Omega 3 supplements during pregnancy, breastfeed, and/or use Omega 3 fortified formula have babies with higher IQ’s. The control groups in these studies were given non-fortified formula without Omega 3 and there was evidence of lower IQ’s in this group. With your doctor’s recommendation and monitoring, there are supplements to help boost your Omega 3 during pregnancy to help benefit healthy brain cell growth in your unborn baby.

Children also need more DHA and can suffer from vision issues if Omega 3 intake is inadequate. When a child has low levels of Omega 3, they can suffer from poor vision and poor learning.

Getting enough Omega 3 in pregnancy, infancy and childhood may be a very important key to improving the brain function in our society. Some children may refuse fish in their diet, but there are other ways to get this nutrient, and children’s supplements are available. Always seek the advice of your pediatrician before using an Omega 3 supplement in babies and children.


Your brain needs Omega 3 to function optimally, and a diet that contains adequate amounts is the best way to meet your daily requirements. Omega 3 converts to DHA, which is a very crucial nutrient involved in the health function of your brain cells. It can help both with memory/cognition as well as your emotional health.

Studies show that adequate Omega 3 from pregnancy, birth, and on into adulthood can help the brain grow healthy new cells, possibly heal itself, and function properly. Rather than use stimulants, prescription drugs, or allow the decline, why not try a natural supplement to support brain health? Omega 3 is safe to take under a doctor’s supervision with few side-effects and easily obtained over-the-counter. Start feeding your brain what it needs today.