VIVA Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate is a superior Omega-3 formulation.

VIVA Omega-3 is a highly concentrated and more easily absorb-able form of fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids) to support healthy cardiovascular function.

Viva Omega-3 Ingredients

Ingredients include 350 mg of EPA and 250 mg of DHA, highly concentrated forms of Omega-3 fatty acids. Additional ingredient information includes:


Take one (1) soft gel capsule twice daily with meals.


$31.50 for 90 soft-gels (a 45 day supply).

Viva Omega-3 Guarantee

The vendor offers a 30 day 100% refund policy and provides a contact phone number in both English and Chinese on their web site. The product source also contains a limited number of product testimonials.


This product, available without a prescription, while not inexpensive is still moderately priced compared to similar products. A potential purchaser is not taking a costly risk to try out this product. To be on the safe side letting a health service professional or pharmacist review this product first would still be a good idea.

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