Our bodies cannot naturally produce Omega 3, we must get it through our diet. Fish oil capsules are a quick and easy way to include Omega 3 in your everyday diet. Not only do fish oils help support your heart and cardiovascular health by helping to prevent strokes and heart disease, but they also support the structure of brain cells, help decrease inflammation damage in the brain and increase the number of key neurotransmitters, like serotonin (the molecule that makes us happy). Studies have also shown that Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, a main part of Omega 3) were more effective than placebo in treating hyperactivity and attention symptoms. Limitless Omega 3’s Capsules are the perfect way to reap the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Limitless Supplements Omega 3 Ingredients

Ingredients include:


The product source contained no information on daily product dosage. The product comes in 365 softgel containers


$26.40 in U.S. dollars – the vendor is New Zealand based.

Limitless Supplements Omega 3 Guarantee

The vendor source contains no information on product guarantees or returns but does provide a web site feature to submit comments and questions by email.


This product is sold through a dealer network by a New Zealand based vendor. Anyone from the U.S.  considering purchasing this product should contact the vendor directly to learn if this product is available for purchase in the U.S and to ask about product guarantees and returns (the product source does not provide a contact phone number or address but does contain a web based tool for submitting questions or comments by email to the vendor).

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