Omega XL  is a highly concentrated Omega-3 “Super Oil” supplement extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus). This unique and patented omega-3 complex contains 30 healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 DHA and EPA, and contains up to 22 times more omega-3 Free Fatty Acids than regular fish oil. Firstly, we need to mention that people who suffer allergic reactions from seafood may well steer clear of this supplement, as it formulated from mussels. We also question the validity of their claim that this formula contains 22 times more omega-3 fatty acids than regular fish oil – we would ask which fish oil? We would like to have seen a more definitive explanation of what this really equates to.


No information is available in the product source beyond the fact that this product contains Omega-3 DHA and EPA oil.

Omega XL Fish Oil Dosage

The product source contained no information about daily product dosage. The product comes in 60 capsule containers.


The vendor currently is offering 2 x 60 capsule containers for $49.95 with $9.95 shipping and handling. The product can be ordered on line. This manufacturer provides auto-shipping, which in our experience can be very difficult to opt out of. Once these companies have your credit card details, they are reluctant to give them up which makes it difficult or to cancel your order.

Omega XL Fish Oil Guarantee

The product vendor offers a 90 day money back guarantee and has a customer service number as well as a website tool for sending questions via email to the vendor.


Anyone thinking of purchasing this product (which is expensive compared to similar products out there on the market) may want to contact the vendor for more information about product ingredients and dosage in view of the limited product source information provided, especially given that it contains omega-3 oil extracted from mussels. People who have seafood allergies should stay well away form this, for obvious reasons. Furthermore, potential consumers need to consider that his manufacturer utilizes an auto-ship program which may make it difficult for customers to cancel their order should they not wish to continue taking this supplement. Together with the unclear claims of its potency, we remain a little skeptical about his product, that on the surface seems quite good.

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