The fish harvested for obtaining fish oil supplements needs to grow in pristine deep cold waters, to minimize the possibility of contamination with mercury or lead. After harvesting, the fish oil must be processed in licensed facilities to enhance its purity. Complete Omega 3 Capsules by Amy Myers MD seems to comply with all these requirements for obtaining a healthy, reliable product to help you get the essential omega 3 fatty acids in your diet that you need so much for optimal health.

Obtained in a Norwegian lab, Complete Omega 3 Capsules by Amy Myers MD is an alternative to consider, but a closer look may be needed.

What Does Complete Omega 3 Capsules Contain?

What you always need to look after when you are looking for a reliable fish oil supplement is the percentage of EPA and DHA, two essential omega 3 fatty acids that your body cannot produce on its own. This is what you can find in each serving of Complete Omega 3 Capsules by Amy Myers MD:

There are other omega 3 fatty acids included in the formula, since EPA and DHA make for just 50% of the fish oil used. Made from mackerel, anchovies and sardines, this product has good amounts of EPA and DHA, but a bit under the recommended daily dosage, which may be a problem, if you want to take advantage of all the health benefits to the maximum.


The recommended dosage is two capsules taken up to three times every day with meals.


120 softgels cost 38USD and they can last for 20-60 days, depending on how many you decide to take daily.

Complete Omega 3 Capsules Guarantee

Unopened bottles can be returned within 14 days of delivery, which is not much compared to what other manufacturers offer for similar products.


Complete Omega 3 Capsules by Amy Myers MD seems to be a reliable product, as it contains decent amounts of EPA and DHA. However, to reach the necessary daily dosage, you may have to take more pills.

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