Omega 3 fish oil by Herbioticum is a nutritional supplement soft gel capsule containing 1000 mg fish oil in 60 soft gel capsules per container. Omega 3 fish oil:

  • Reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases
  • Helps keeping low level of “bad” blood lipids
  • Boosts the immune-system
  • Reduces the risks of cancer development
  • Improve the functioning of brain and nerve cells
  • Protect the vein walls from arteriosclerosis
  • Has positive effect on the mood

Omega 3 Fish Oil By Herbioticum Ingredients

The Omega 3 soft gel capsule of Herbioticum contains 1000 mg of fish oil rich in EPA and DHA sources.


1 capsule per day during meal time.


 This product is sold through an independent dealer network and can not be purchased on the internet. The product source also contains no price information but does contain a phone number (company offices are in Europe) as well as a tool to use to send messages to the vendor.

Omega 3 Fish Oil By Herbioticum Guarantee

The product source did not contain any information about product price or guarantees or return policies.


Because this product is sold only through dealers anyone thinking of purchasing this product needs to first locate a local dealer who carries this product for information on product price and availability as well as product features.

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