Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA supplement stands out among other similar products by delivering a higaher amount of DHA, and a greater ratio of this fatty acid opposed to a smaller quantity of EPA. DHA and EPA are the two most important omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, and usually, a daily dosage of 800 mg EPA and 600 mg DHA is recommended. However, the product created by this company focuses on delivering more DHA than EPA, and the fish oil they use is obtained from squid, fished in South American waters. Due to the fact that this supplement is made by a company well known for its products, it is worth having a look at Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA.

What Does Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA Contain?

This is what Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA contains:

  • Calamarine® Omega-3 Concentrate (obtained from squid) – 2,000 mg

– DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) – 800 mg

– EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) – 200 mg

As you can easily notice, the ratio between DHA and EPA is turned upside down, and the manufacturer cites some research studies to support their claims. DHA is known to promote cardiovascular health and it is also more difficult to obtain from regular diet. The company making Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA also takes pride in the fact that squid has great reproductive rates, so there is no risk of overfishing. We still do not understand why EPA is present in so low amounts, as its benefits for overall health are well known.


The recommended dosage is two softgels taken daily.


One bottle with 60 softgels, or one month supply, costs 19.99USD, which is a decent price.

Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA Guarantee

The company making Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA offers 90 days money back guarantee.


Dr. Sinatra Omega-3 Calamarine DHA seems to be a good product, although it is difficult to understand why they use such a low percentage of EPA. The supplement has great advantages, as it provides the human body with the means to promote overall health, and it does not have fishy taste, which is a great plus for those who cannot tolerate it.

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