Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil is a fish oil concentrate, based on the reputable EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, known to prevent coronary heart disease. It is very important to see how much of these omega 3 fatty acids is included in this formula, because there are some basic guidelines regarding the recommended daily dosage. While omega 3 fatty acids may be available from eating fish, since farm raised fish is often contaminated with pollutants, cleaner sources are recommended. Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil is obtained from pharmaceutical grade fish oil, and the manufacturer seems to comply with the highest standards for quality and purity. Learn more from our review.

What Does Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil Contain?

  • Fish Oil – 1200 mg
  • EPA – 360 mg
  • DHA – 240 mg
  • Other omega 3 fatty acids – 120 mg

It is a good thing that the most important omega 3 fatty acids are available in this formula. However, we see that the amount per serving for each of them is lower than the recommended daily intake. For instance, 800 mg of EPA should be included in your diet, as well as 600 mg of DHA.


The recommended dosage for Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil is two softgels daily, taken with your meals.


A bottle containing 300 softgels sells for 24.99USD, which is quite a good price.

Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil Guarantee

No mentioning of a refund policy is made on the manufacturer’s website.


Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil seems to be a good product, since it enjoys quite a lot of positive reviews from users. However, we cannot overlook the fact that there is too little EPA and DHA in each serving, and since the manufacturer recommends taking only two softgels daily, you should not try getting more of the necessary omega 3 fatty acids by taking more every day.

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