Oceans 3 Beyond Omega-3 is the only Omega-3 supplement available with OmegaXanthin.

A synergistic complex of three health-promoting compounds from the ocean, OmegaXanthin provides all the benefits of a high potency Omega-3 supplement plus two ocean-based antioxidants for an amplified range of benefits unmatched by ordinary Omega-3 formulations.


Oceans 3 Ingredients

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – 1,275 mg per daily serving,
  • Super concentrated EPA – 675 mg per day,
  • Super concentracted DHA – 450 mg per day,
  • Astaxanthin – no dosage amount provided in the product source,
  • Fucoxanthin – no dosage amount provided in the product source.


The product source contains no information on daily product dosage.


The product source contains no information about product price. This product is sold mainly through a local dealer network although the product source does provide a tool to place an order on line (it is not clear if a product can be ordered directly from the vendor this way or instead ordered from a local dealer). The product source does contain a tool to locate a dealer in a particular area. A contact phone number to locate a local dealer is provided for Canadian customers

Oceans 3 Guarantee

The product source provides no information on product returns or warranties. The product source does provide a tool to use to send questions to the vendor but no contact phone number for U.S. customers (there is contact phone number for Canadian customers as mentioned above).


 Without more information it is difficult to recommend this product. Anyone interested in purchasing this product should contact a dealer in their area for key information on product price, availability, daily dosage and so on before making a decision to buy this product.

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