EPA and DHA are two essential omega 3 fatty acids that you should have in your diet every day. Taking them from food is highly impractical, first, because you may not be so fond of eating fish, and second, because farm grown fish is often contaminated with mercury and lead, compounds that are dangerous for your health. To avoid such problems, your best bet is to take fish oil supplements, such as Omega-3 DHA by Restore Health Pharmacy. With a specific formula, this supplement promises that will help you enjoy all the benefits offered by fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids. We wanted to learn more about this product and here is what we found.

What Does Omega-3 DHA By Restore Health Pharmacy Contain?

Always pay attention to the ingredients written on the label, to learn how powerful a certain health supplement is. This is what Omega-3 DHA by Restore Health Pharmacy contains:

  • DHA – 450 mg
  • EPA – 150 mg

No other details are offered, which means that rest of 400 mg until the 1000 mg each serving has must be made of other omega 3 fatty acids and other compounds. A clearer description would have helped. Another thing we notice is that there is more DHA than EPA in this product, when specialists recommend the other way around. Also, the product is far from meeting the daily recommended dosage of 800 mg for EPA and 600 mg for DHA.


The recommended dosage is two capsules daily, which is under what you really need. Overdosing is advised against, though, without consulting your doctor.


The price for an Omega-3 DHA by Restore Health Pharmacy bottle with 60 capsules, or 30 days supply, is 25.40USD.

Omega-3 DHA By Restore Health Pharmacy Guarantee

The company selling this fish oil supplement offers a 30 days money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the product. You only need to return the unused portion and you will get your money back.


EPA and DHA should be present in your diet every day, but meeting the recommended requirements is essential to enjoy the best results. Omega-3 DHA by Restore Health Pharmacy seems to fall short in this area, as there is too little of each of these omega 3 fatty acids in this particular product.

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