Omega 3 Fish Oil and Mercury Contamination

Mercury safety and fish have always gone hand in hand. Certain types of fish are high in mercury and not safe to eat in large amounts. Fish such as; tuna, shark, and swordfish are the highest in mercury and should only be eaten in small amounts. This brings up a discussion about fish oil Omega 3 and mercury safety.

Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplements And Mercury SafetySome controversy have suggested that if fish oil supplements are made improperly, then they could be high in mercury. It depends on the type of fish the manufacturer uses as well as the manufacturing process. The process must clean toxins out of the fish oil, yet keep important nutrients intact. Of course, no fish oil supplement is completely mercury free. The best supplements have almost undetectable levels when the manufacturer cleanses the fish oil in the right manner.

The Type of Fish is Important

Manufacturers should be using fish that are lower in mercury. This means using; sardines, anchovies, whitefish, or wild caught cold water fish like salmon. Salmon is actually really high in Omega 3 fatty acids. When they use low mercury fish, the supplement is already be low in mercury to begin with.

As an added protection, the fish must be tested for mercury prior to even extracting the fish oil.

The Distillation ProcessFish Oil Omega 3 Supplements And Mercury Safety

The last step in getting a supplement with the lowest mercury levels possible is the distillation process. This brings the supplement to the purest point possible and removes most of the toxins in the oil. By the time that product hits the market, there should be almost no detectable mercury present at the end of the process.

Before buying an Omega 3 supplement, check the product website to make sure your manufacturer includes a distillation process when making their fish oil supplements. This gives you the assurance that you made a good choice with products that are safe and beneficial to your health.

Finding Quality Omega 3 Supplements

When choosing a quality Omega 3 product, always look for the symbol that indicates the supplement was made in an FDA Registered Facility. What this means is the manufacturer had to uphold very strict standards for quality and purity. A registered facility does not mean the product is FDA approved, but that the FDA has given them standards for their manufacturing practices. If you see this symbol, be assured you have a product that is made with care. Also check for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) symbol. This also means that a product maker upholds high standards of quality.

Another important thing to look for is that the manufacturer takes the extra step to test for and remove any other toxic substances such as PCB’s and dioxin. These chemicals can also harm your body and fish oil supplement manufacturers must make sure there are minimal and safe levels of these chemicals.

Omega 3 Absorption and Purity

Studies done at The National Institute of Health (NIH) show that out of 41 different fish oil supplements tested for mercury, all of the supplements had almost undetectable levels of mercury. This means that fish oil products are safe to take. Understand that not every fish oil supplement manufacturer uses a distillation process, but the fish oil is safe nevertheless.

Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplements And Mercury SafetyThe point is that even if some mercury in fish oil is safe for consumption, that mercury can adversely effect how Omega 3 is processed and absorbed by the body. If you get a fish oil supplement higher in mercury, it will keep the body from getting the actual benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. You will not be able to absorb the Omega 3. Eating fish high in mercury can even block the benefits of Omega 3. Look for a fish oil supplement manufacturer that pays attention to mercury levels and gives you the highest quality Omega 3 product possible. This means that you will reap all the benefits of Omega 3 and good health in the process. Studies show there are ample products on the market that are safe.


Good manufacturers pay close attention to fish oil Omega 3 supplements and mercury safety. When you find the highest quality product and begin using your supplement, you will both protect your body and increase the benefits of Omega 3.