If you prefer to experience one of the best supplements that you might need when it comes to a healthy heart that you need for a livelier mood, good condition for the joints for better movements, and most of all, a sound mind to make the best decisions in life along with a memory that’s strong and fast.

This is known to be the best supplement to take every morning so that it can bring the best in your – like a burning flame of passion. Biotest Store is proud to tell you that this product is supreme in terms of body functions.

Flameout Inflammation Scavenger Ingredients

If you would like to know what the ingredient of this product is, here are as follows:

  • DHA
  • EPA
  • CLA
  • Total free fatty acids (Omega 3)

How To Use

This product is recommended to take four times a day so that you can experience the best benefits. Preferable to take after mealtime.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects as this is all natural. But take note that you need to have the right amount when taking some in the morning.


A bottle of this product costs $29.95 for 90 soft gels

Flameout Inflammation Scavenger Guarantee

This product has a money back guarantee included!


This product is known to be a great money saver if you’re low on budget, and you want to experience the best benefits in terms of health and for your own finances as well. This product will assure you better benefits, but make sure that you check your retailer if they’re selling this product so that you can get a good way to save money in exchange of a good health  condition especially for your heart.

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