Using Omega 3 to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when our body gives off chemicals that respond to injury. Inflammation is also experienced by those who have heart disease and auto-immune diseases. When inflammation is chronic, it is our body having an over-reaction to something and attacking itself for no apparent reason. Many people need to turn to powerful anti-inflammatory medications or steroids to halt the process. Researchers are now finding a way of reducing inflammation with Omega 3.

Reducing Inflammation With Omega 3Studies of Omega 3 and its role in inflammation, show that it has capabilities to reduce that inflammation. Since Omega 3 has a role in neuro-transmissions, it tells the body to release chemicals that stop inflammation and other chemicals that keep inflammation from coming back.

People who have enough Omega 3 in their system show signs of these anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Studies are ongoing and haven’t quite found the answer why, but researchers found that when they gave study subjects higher dosages of Omega 3, an extra chemical known as resolvin helped reduce inflammation and helped blood vessels heal after open heart surgery.

In auto-immune disorders, the body attacks itself instead of an illness or injury attacking it. This causes high levels of inflammation anywhere in the body. In a separate study of people with auto-immune disease, subjects were tested for Omega 3. The people who had enough Omega 3 in their system produced a powerful chemical known as polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA. This chemical blocked auto-immune responses by the body.

Reducing Inflammation With Omega 3Omega 3 Requirements for Inflammation

The key to using Omega 3 to help reduce inflammation in the body is to eat a healthy diet with enough Omega 3 foods. Omega 3 foods include; fish, grass fed animal protein, flax seed and flax oil, soybeans, walnuts, and winter squash.

One healthy diet to follow is the Mediterranean diet that is full of nuts, olive oil, fish, and other high Omega 3 foods.

Another good diet to follow is a Japanese type diet. This includes large amounts of healthy fish. You can also take an Omega 3 supplement from 1,000mg to 3,000mg daily.

Omega 3 has been found most effective for inflammation at right around 3,000mg daily. This is the upper recommended limit, so it is important to consult a physician before taking Omega 3 for inflammation. It can have side-effects and a drug interaction with blood thinning medications. You can eat 2 to 3 servings of fish weekly and each serving is about 1.5 grams of Omega 3.Reducing Inflammation With Omega 3

After cardiac surgery, doctors may prescribe up to 4,000mg of Omega 3 to promote healing and reduce inflammation around the heart. This must be monitored by a physician, especially if you are on a blood thinner. For those who do not have health conditions, there are usually no side-effects. Any reported side-effects only involve the digestive system and are alleviated if taken with food.

Some Omega 3 sources may cause allergic reactions, so use caution in choosing a source.

Some fish oil supplements can cause an allergic reaction in those allergic to fish and shellfish. Tree nut allergies cause an allergic reaction to sources made from walnuts. There are many sources so make sure to find the right one for you.


Studies show promising results in reducing inflammation with Omega 3 intake. Omega 3 causes the body to produce chemicals that tell the body to “turn off” the inflammatory process. This reduces the need for powerful anti-inflammatory medications and assists the body with healing. This has already been shown to be helpful in recovering from cardiac surgery. The best way for Omega 3 to help with inflammation is to make sure you are eating enough Omega 3 foods in your diet. You can also add an Omega 3 supplement to your daily routine safely with very few side-effects. Always speak with your physician about adding Omega 3 supplements and stay within the recommended guidelines. You may be able to say goodbye to chronic inflammation and benefit your body in many ways!