Overall Rating: 65.8%

Product Claims:

Nature Made Fish Oil 1,000 mg is actually a quite popular product because it is easy to obtain over-the-counter in most drug stores. While this is a popular product, the amount of Omega 3 is much lower than our #1 Product. The recommended serving size is 3 capsules a day in order to get the 1,000mg of Omega 3, which is more capsules than our number one product.#5 Product – Nature Made Fish Oil 1,000 mg

This product does have good standards including; U.S. Pharmacopeia certified, Purified to remove mercury, Yeast/Starch/Gluten Free and No preservatives. While these are all good points, our editors noticed the use of soy in the product. This means it is not 100% Pure like our number one product. While soy does have some good health benefits, some people may not tolerate soy.

Nature Made Fish Oil 1,000 mg contains EPA and DHA 500mg combined and “other Omega 3 fatty acids” 600 mg. The label does not state where the “other fatty acids” actually come from or what type they are. Transparency is important to our editors and our number one product fully discloses the sources of their ingredients.

While this product graces almost every drug store shelf in America, it fell to our #5 Spot because of the low amounts of EPA and DHA. The numbers are far below our top product and the product requires more servings to equal a full daily dose. Also, 1,000mg daily is a commonly recommended amount by doctors, our number one product equals 1,500mg of Omega 3 per serving.


Nature Made Fish Oil 1,000mg retails for $10.49 a bottle. This is one of the cheaper Omega 3 supplements and value priced for consumers. It is important to be aware that it takes a lot more of the product to reach the same dosage as our number one product. The consumer reviews only gave it 4 stars for effectiveness. This is probably from the low amounts of EPA and DHA in the product. While you may be saving money, the product may not be effective at all. There are no volume discounts and no return policy. Major drugstores cannot accept opened products back for refunds.

Our Conclusion:

Nature Made Fish Oil 1,000mg is a popular product seen on many drug store shelves. It may be sold everywhere and have a value price for consumers, but it actually has a very small amount of Omega 3 as compared to our top product. There are not enough positive consumer reviews to prove it is effective and they could move up a bit if they included more Omega 3 in the product.