Overall Rating: 73.3%

Product Claims:

#4 Product – Nordic Naturals Ultimate OmegaNordic Naturals Ultimate Omega has some good qualities like; a good informative website, good standards for quality and purity and sustainable fishing practices. The reason this product fell to the #4 Spot was the amounts of DHA and EPA are even lower than our number one product and the other products on our review page.

This product includes 650mg of EPA and only 450mg DHA, which is lower than our number one product. The website is very informative and welcoming to consumers. They even include several studies on the benefits of using Omega 3 in general. There are not actual studies or testing results on the effectiveness of the actual product. Our editors would have liked to see that the product is working for consumers to give it a higher ranking.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega gives a good testimonial on global responsibility and sustainable fishing practices to protect the North Atlantic Cod. These are good practices, but there was no evidence of any consumer reviews on the website for consumers to see if this product is actually effective.


This product retails for $27.95 a bottle. The recommended serving size is 2 gel caps daily, and the bottle contains 60 gel caps. While this is a good price, this product has no proof of effectiveness from studies or consumer reviews. Our editors also could not find a money-back guarantee on the product or certification seals.

This product is also made outside the United States, so there is no guarantee on quality, freshness or purity.

Our Conclusion:

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 3 is a good product that pays attention to sustainability and the protection of North Atlantic Cod against overfishing. It took the #4 Spot because the amounts of Omega 3 in the gel caps is considerably lower than our number one product. Our editors could not find evidence of a money-back guarantee or any consumer testimonials.