Overall Rating: 80.2%

Product Claims:

OmegaRx  is a good product because it does contain a good amount of DHA and EPA in its formula. While they claim purity and high standards for the product, there were some added ingredients including; water, canola oil, citric acid and other ingredients. We had to give this product our #2 Spot.#2 Product – Dr. Sears OmegaRx

Omega-3 needs to be combined with Omega-6 in a 3:1 ratio. This means we need to take in more Omega -3 than Omega-6. With the amounts listed on the product labeling, you are getting enough to meet your needs. Our only concern was the added ingredients that could dilute the effectiveness of the product. The #1 Product is 100% Pure, with no added ingredients.

This product landed near the top because Dr. Sears is a trusted source for healthy living, diet and products. However, we noticed the website only contained a paragraph of information on the product. There was also no education included on the website about the importance of Omega-3 and how it works.

This product did receive some positive reviews from consumers that bought it stating it didn’t have any side-effects and helped to lower their cholesterol. Our editor’s only noticed 3 consumer reviews and no others. This left us with the question whether anyone bought the product, or if it was effective and impressive enough for consumers to leave a review.


Dr. Sears OmegaRx  retails for $26.95 a bottle. If you go on the “auto-ship” program, you can get the product for $21.56 a bottle. The serving size is 4 gel caps daily, and the bottle contains 15 servings. This means you would need two bottles a month. Also, our editors feel “auto-ship” programs are risky for consumers. They will continue to send you the product and these programs are hard to cancel.

The company does offer a 30 Day Money-Back guarantee on their products. Just make sure that if you are not satisfied, you remember to cancel any “auto-ship” agreements with the company.

Our Conclusion:

Our editors felt that a product endorsed and made by Dr. Sears was worthy of our #2 Spot. Dr. Sears OmegaRx is a good product with a good amount of both EPA and DHA included. It could have made a higher spot if it did not contain filler ingredients. Also, Dr. Sears promotes health but does not include a lot of education about Omega-3 benefits on the product website.